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Driveway Extension and Retaining Wall

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This customer needed an extension added to their existing driveway so they could access the back of their property with vehicles. We scraped the topsoil down to solid sub base, added geotextile fabric and covered with 3/4" plant mix stone for a quick and simple driveway. Additionally, all the dirt that was excavated was used to level out the area around the paver walkway and a natural stone retaining wall was built to separate it from the new driveway extension

Custom Recreational Snow Tube Chute "Son of Chute"

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After years running their outdoor recreation facility, Sharp Park, in Milton, Rick and Ruth wanted a second chute that would be bigger, faster and longer lasting than it's predecessor. That's where we came in by making the vision into a reality. We transformed the landscape into exactly what they'd been hoping for by building a second chute with more elevation, a "launch zone" to start from, massive berms in the corners and a smooth ride the whole way down.

Site Prep for Stamped Concrete Patio and Walkways

After moving into a new home, this client wanted custom stamped concrete walkways and patio to add to the aesthetics. East Shore came in to do the site prep, including excavation, stone installation, grading, and set the appropriate pitch to ensure adequate water shed away from the house.


Yard Clearing and Top Soil Delivery

Tired of their overgrown "garden", this client took advantage of our yard clearing and top soil delivery services. In just a matter of hours, we transformed this yard gone awry, into a clean, new, functional area with endless possibilities.


Pond Installation and Recreational Trail Build

On a private plot of land in Milton, these clients dreamed of adding a swimming pond that doubled as irrigation for their homestead. At 32' x 60' and 7' deep, this pond was excavated, then lined with an RPE liner since the clay content was too low. Using gentle slopes for the spillway, natural stone steps and a shelf around the interior perimeter for wading/walking in the water, this pond has it all!

In addition, we laid out and built 1 mile of recreational trails in the woods on their property for hiking, snowshoeing, mountain biking and ATV riding.


Yard Clearing and Top Soil Delivery


Porch Piers, Patios and Landscape focused Construction

Looking to make some updates to their home, these clients wanted to convert the vacant space under their back deck into a wood shop. We excavated and installed pre-cast piers and pressure treated posts to support the deck and give more headroom in the shop. We also installed a pressure treated retaining wall to hold back the banks, two paver patios, paver stairs with blue stone treads connecting the patios, as well as re-graded their entire back yard. To finish it off, railings and planter boxes were installed along the stairs and clover was planted rather than grass.

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